Venue - Fana Stadium

Fana Stadium seen from the air

Fana Stadium

Fana Stadion is located 12 km south of Bergen city centre and 5 km from Bergen Airport Flesland.

The stadium was completed in the summer of 1969 with rubber asphalt, which was replaced with a tartan track in 1978. In 2004 the track was upgraded with a new tartan track (polytan). In addition to the outdoor track there is an indoor (tunnel) area, Høiehallen, which consists of an 80 metres warm up track, and facilities for both long, high and triple jump.

The original stand and administration building was completed in 1991. The grandstand capacity has increased twice since then, first in connection with the E-Cup in 1996 and more recently when Bergen hosted the Bislett Games in 2004.

Many major events have been held at the stadium, including Nordic Junior Matches, a number of Team matches, and several Norwegian Athletic Championships.

A number of Norwegian records have been set at Fana Stadion, and we can also boast about two former world records, one in 1991 by Trine Hattestad, Norway throwing the javelin 68.18 metres, and the other by Elvan Abeylegesse, Turkey, running the 5000 metres in 14.24.68mins, back in 2004.

Updated 14.02.09