The City of Bergen and the Norwegian Athletic Federation welcome you to Bergen and the European Team Championships 1st League.

It is with great anticipation and pride that we, one of four host cities, stage the first edition of the European Team Championship. We will do our utmost to make this a memorable and well-staged championship which will set the standard for this championship in the future. The local organising committee and the City of Bergen will be well prepared and we hope that a refurbished Fana Stadium will inspire the athletes to perform their best when defending the honour of their country. Our goal is that the European Team Championships 1st League will be a wonderful start to the Norwegian midsummer festival just a few days later. Once again, WELCOME TO BERGEN.


The Championship
is finished
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Country Results
  1. BLR, 332
  2. FIN, 289
  3. NOR, 279
  4. NED, 274
  5. BEL, 269.5
  6. TUR, 266.5
  7. ROU, 262.5
  8. HUN, 260
  9. SLO, 254.5
10. EST, 223
11. SUI, 203
12. SRB, 191